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Deluxe Weight Loss & Performance Kit


  • Everything you need to lose weight fast
  • Helps your body burn fat & lose weight
  • Supports cognitive performance
  • Reliable and quick source of energy from fat not sugar
  • Includes essential vitamins, protein & prebiotics to help your body be healthier and lose more weight

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Have you tried everything to lose weight but nothing ever worked?

Get this kit and stick to the routine of using it and you will see the weight melt off! It has everything you need to lose weight faster than ever.

Healthy fats, collagen protein, starch and essential supplements. Also it has reishi elexir – it will help you relax and have better sleep.

For a long time it was believed that eating fat actually made you fat, but scientist have discovered that the opposite is actually true. Eating a lot of carbs is what makes you fat (bread, pasta, rice, sugar, fruit) because the body uses excess carbs and stores them as bodyfat. When you eat more fat, your body switches is energy production from using carbs to using fat. So it will use the fat from your diet and the fat from your body to produce energy.

This kit includes both MCT oil, exogenous ketones and grass-fed ghee to help your body burn more fat. On top of that it includes proteins and coffee, both wich will help you burn more fat if taken in the morning.

It also includes resistant starch wich will help you balance your gut. A lot of people struggling with weight usually have a problem with their gut bacteria wich creates a problem digesting a using food as fuel.

Here’s how to use the kit: 
Morning: Make your coffee with the bulletproof upgraded beans, mix it in a mixer with 15 ml of MCT oil, 20g of Grass-fed ghee, 20g of Bulletproof Collagen Protein & 10g of Exogenous Ketone Base. So that’s coffee mixed with 4 other ingridients.

Mix Natural Stacks Prebiotic in a glass of water and take it together with 1 capsule of curcumin.

Drink one cup of Reishi Tea

5 reviews for Deluxe Weight Loss & Performance Kit

  1. Benjamin Toma

    The Bulletproof Grass-fed Ghee has a very mild taste and the perfect combination with BP coffee and Brain Octane oil. This is the best performance kit I ever see.

  2. Amir Halabi

    Best tasting Bulletproof Collagen Protein. Thanks for this. I can now loss my weight without worrying about my health status.

  3. Joseph Green

    Perfect kit for weight loss. Especially the brain octane oil that adds richness to BP coffee. I experienced less mid-morning cravings.

  4. Debanni Moore

    Aside from achieving weight loss these products also help my memory. Remembering names now is not difficult.

  5. Lee Evans

    I am a really satisfied user of CILTEP Smart Drug, it helps me to focus, concentrate and improve my memory. So I am really happy that this bundle comes out together with BP products!

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