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Bulletproof InstaMix for Travel & Convenience


  • Mixes easily into coffee to give you steady, all-day energy for brain and body
  • Quickly and easily Bulletproof your coffee anywhere – no blender or refrigeration requiread
  • New formula tastes better and mixes more easily

$ 112


Single serve packets travel anywhere and easily mix into freshly brewed Upgraded Coffee

  • Sugar free, all natural, non-GMO, gluten free
  • 1 box of InstaMix® contains 14 single-serve packets
  • Using the Bulletproof Travel Mug is the most convenient way to make InstaMix.
  • NOTE: Upgraded Coffee is not included

Bulletproof Coffee, Anywhere

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6 reviews for Bulletproof InstaMix for Travel & Convenience

  1. Willie Jenkins

    I don’t leave home without this InstaMix. Perfect travel buddy!

  2. Daniela Morgan

    It brings convenience to me. I use it while traveling or when I’m short of time in the morning. I wish it could be in a larger size and the price could be lowered.

  3. Samantha Jacob

    I love the taste but most importantly it makes me feel amazing. It is the best way to wake up every day.

  4. Noma Arian

    Mixes well and tastes great wherever and whenever I want.

  5. Walida Nader

    Totally handy packets to take to work or on travel. No need to worry about a leaking bottle, simply add the coffee and whip it up. Easy to enjoy healthy drinks.

  6. Tony Richardson

    The taste is something I needed to get used to. I took a few tries and finally, I have no problem drinking. I enjoy it now.

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